Our Services

Knife River Prestress is a PCI-certified architectural, bridge and commercial plant serving the Northwest. Our products and services reflect our commitment to quality and to the customers we serve. Our experienced staff can evaluate your specific project needs and provide recommendations on which precast/prestressed products will help your project excel. When you choose Knife River as your precast/prestressed concrete supplier, you can count on getting the most attractive, usable and cost-effective precast concrete products available.

Project Conception

Conceptual Budget Pricing

Knife River’s estimators can budget your project while it’s still in the conceptual stage. This includes suggesting design modifications that often optimize the precast on your project. Our team members provide precast project takeoffs, preliminary budgeting, estimates and value-engineering services.

Preconstruction Coordination

Knife River’s experienced staff is available for design-build projects. Knife River will work with the design team to establish and optimize precast color and finish suggestions. We will help educate construction professionals on our precast system to ensure overall project success.

Schedule Development

Knife River will help coordinate drawing/calculation submittals, production, transportation and erection schedules with the project team.

In-house Engineering

Knife River’s in-house engineering staff specializes in precast connection design. With decades of experience, our team can help modify connection designs for easier field installation.

BIM Modeling

Knife River specializes in CAD platforms, such as AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit. We maintain strong relationships with outside engineering firms capable of handling your largest BIM-required projects.

Precast Fabrication

Centrally located right off Interstate 5 in Oregon, Knife River’s 42-acre facility can produce precast projects of any size.

Field Installation Coordination

Knife River staff will coordinate your precast product “to-site” logistics. Our engineering team can provide picking plans to ensure safe precast hoisting and installation. Knife River can help monitor the precast rolling/hoisting at the project site to ensure safe installation handling.

Product Rebar Fabrication

Knife River’s plant in Harrisburg, Oregon, includes a rebar-fabrication plant. Reinforcing for your project is bent/sheared at the same location as the casting beds, allowing for greater continuity between the rebar and precast fabrication process.

Product Transportation

Knife River Prestress owns and operates our own delivery fleet. The final transportation path to your project is chosen with your project needs in mind. We also secure all transportation permits. This allows for greater flexibility for the coordination and scheduling of your project’s needs.

Project Erection

Knife River Prestress and their partner installer can provide complete precast erection coordination. This includes all hoisting/setting of precast and connections, site specific installation/safety plans and bracing/shoring needs.

Project Completion