Develop Design Schedule Deliver Install

Concept Development

To utilize the construction speed and reduced on-site workforce, owners, architects, and engineers can collaborate with our project development staff early in the project development process. Together, we can develop preliminary project concepts and budgets and develop preliminary BIM and economic models based on the project’s level of complexity. Using this approach, we can integrate BIM data, budgets, and schedules, resulting in highly accurate precast budget projections and most cost-effective details for the development of your project.

BIM Design

BIM models offer Knife River a high degree of accuracy while visually modeling project requirements and customer fly-throughs. Project estimates are linked directly to the model to provide reliable pricing and quick cost variance evaluation as a project moves through the design process. During design and construction, BIM models add clarity to project elements and conditions to help coordinate precast interactions with other trades while verifying submittals. Overall, this level of detail is extremely helpful for successful project execution.

Project Scheduling

Customer and manufacturing schedule management are essential components of what make a precast project successful. When working with Knife River, expect to receive schedules early that outline the design, manufacturing, and installation durations tied to key project milestones. Knife River’s attention to detail in schedule management and the use of mutually accepted schedules ensure that we clearly define and meet our customer’s schedule expectations.

Product Delivery

Successful precast project execution requires effective management of customer and manufacturing schedules. Knife River provides detailed schedules early in the process that outline the design, manufacturing, and installation durations linked to key project milestones. Our meticulous attention to schedule management and the use of mutually agreed schedules enables us to define and meet our customer’s schedule expectations with clarity and precision.


When requested, Knife River works with our installation partners to make sure a single source supply of erected structural systems is available. That allows our customers the security of knowing they are working with a company that can stand behind the products they manufacture and ensure that the project will be on time and on budget.