Thin Brick



The application of thin brick occurs in the casting forms, however this typically is after design and coordination with the Architect during the drawing submittal stage.  It is highly recommended to coordinate with a local precaster when coursing brick.  Individual pieces of thin brick are snapped into form liner that keeps the brick in the correct coursing.  Concrete is poured over the bricks, embedding the thin brick into the panel with the intended coursing.

Finish Exposures:

There are unlimited thin brick colors, sizes and shapes to meet your design intentions.  Thin brick are PCI certified to ensure proper size and durability.  Thin brick can be 100% of the precast panel finish or be mixed with other concrete textured finishes to break up the appearance.


There are many advantages for choosing precast thin brick finish over field installed brick.  Field installed site work (including site required equipment, swing stages etc) are replaced by offsite production in controlled casting environments.  Embedded thin brick is typically 5/8” to 1” thick which allows the precast panel to be used for structural elements for the project (precast can be load bearing, support sunshades, etc).

Design Considerations:

The precast panel supports the thin brick finish which allows for more creativity of design.  Brick coursing that are typically laid horizontal in the field can be turned vertical, with proper coordination, custom patterns can be optimized for precast production.  When designing the brick color, shape and size for your project, remember to include the color of the joints.  Thin brick joint sizes are formed by the casting liners to the specified size, the actual concrete mix design color should be sampled with the brick to demonstrate the overall appearance.