Graphic Concrete



Graphic Concrete supplies rolls of paper that have the desired image printed with concrete retarder.  The retarder printing process is a patented process performed exclusively by Graphic Concrete.  Concrete is poured over paper and the image is transferred into concrete with retarder.  After initial curing, panels are power washed to reveal image.

Finish Exposures:

Graphic Concrete provides (3) depths of retarder paper, light medium and heavy exposures.  Local mix designs should be sampled specific to the mix and desired image to prove intended depth.


Graphic Concrete patterns can add depth (even 3D images) without having to add work form.  The appearance of depth features are still cast on flat form work and do not reduce the thickness of the concrete which can have design impacts.

Design Considerations:

Preliminary coordination with precaster is highly recommended.  Graphic Concrete paper comes in specific widths that need to be considered in penalization of project to avoid seams.  The image is most dramatic by contrasting the colors of cement and aggregates which should be sampled locally.

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