Core Values

Our Core Values

Knife River is an industry-leading construction materials and contracting firm in the U.S. Our success would not have been possible without our loyal customers and our 4,800 dedicated team members. Our core values – people, safety, quality, and environment– are of utmost importance to us. We prioritize working safely, delivering quality results, and managing our impact on the environment because we believe that’s the best way to take care of our teams, customers, and communities. Every job carried out by Knife River is a result of the commitment our teams have towards each other, our customers and our values.


Knife River Prestress is a construction company that puts people first. Our employees, customers, and end-users of our products and services are all crucial to our success. We prioritize a manageable work-life balance, which is reflected in our company culture. Our goal is to lead the industry by creating transparent, accountable workspaces. We celebrate wins and learn from losses as a team in an open-door setting.


Our main objective at Knife River Prestress is the safety of all our team members, stakeholders, and the communities where our projects are constructed. We maintain a high safety bar, with a goal of zero accidents and injuries. This is achieved through our open and transparent safety culture, where we provide comprehensive safety programs and training that covers safety skills needed in and out of the workplace. We value your feedback on safety matters and encourage you to bring forward any concerns through our open-door policy. With your input, we strive to act promptly and make continuous improvements to keep everyone safe.


At Knife River Prestress, we value quality in all aspects of our work, including work-life balance and customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to better ourselves by improving our goals and processes, so that we may exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Investing in our team members is a top priority, as we understand the positive impact this has on both workplace safety and product quality. Our goal at Knife River is to be the leader in team-building, staff training, provision of equipment, facilities, products, and services, we take pride in providing exceptional quality in every step of our operations.

Environmental Commitment

At Knife River, we are a people-first construction company and recognize that managing our impact on the environment is the best way to take care of our teams, our customers, and our communities. Becoming a Knife River team member means building the Pacific Northwest. That can range from critical transportation infrastructure to architectural precast on a building façade. Minimizing our footprint is essential to keeping the Pacific Northwest beautiful, and we recognize that environmental stewardship is our responsibility.


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Knife River is dedicated to finding and retaining top talent. Our focus on safety is unparalleled, with comprehensive safety training and programs that create a highly secure work environment. Additionally, we want our professionals to thrive, which is why we offer a range of benefits from medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance to perks like profit-sharing options, retirement plans, and continuing education. Join our family at Knife River today.

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