Core Values

People, Safety, Quality, and Environmental Commitment

Knife River is one of the largest construction materials and contracting companies in the United States, a status we could not have achieved without our dedicated customers and our 4,800 team members. That’s why commitment to our core values—people, safety, quality, and environment—is so important. We are driven to work safely, produce quality results, and manage our impact on the environment because that is the best way to take care of our teams, our customers, and our communities. Behind every Knife River job stands a team committed to each other, committed to you, and committed to our values.


Knife River Prestress is a people-first construction company. People are crucial to our success, whether it’s our employees, our customers, or the end-users of our products and services. Our culture is built on striving to maintain a manageable work-life balance. Knife River Prestress is dedicated to leading the industry in creating workspaces built on transparency and accountability. As a team, we celebrate wins and learn from losses in an open-door setting.


At Knife River Prestress, our goal is zero accidents, zero injuries, period. Our bar is extremely high when it comes to the safety of everyone involved in our projects, and Knife River has invested in an open and transparent safety culture. We are committed to providing extensive and specific training and comprehensive safety programs that teach safety skills for in and out of the workplace. Knife River’s open-door policy welcomes all feedback, especially concerning safety. We appreciate the information and act on it to keep our team, everyone involved in our projects, and the communities where they are constructed safe.


Knife River Prestress is committed to quality, whether that is quality of work, of work-life balance, or quality for our customers. We strive to continually improve our goals and processes to meet and exceed our customer’s quality expectations. We believe that developing and investing in our team members is critical to building a safe workspace and that employees who are satisfied with their work experience will generate high-quality products. Knife River strives for quality in “all that we do,” and we want to be the best in class in training and building teams and in providing equipment, facilities, products, and services.

Environmental Commitment

At Knife River, we are a people-first construction company and recognize that managing our impact on the environment is the best way to take care of our teams, our customers, and our communities. Becoming a Knife River team member means building the Pacific Northwest. That can range from critical transportation infrastructure to architectural precast on a building façade. Minimizing our footprint is essential to keeping the Pacific Northwest beautiful, and we recognize that environmental stewardship is our responsibility.


Start your Career at Knife River


At Knife River, we’re always looking for good people to join our team, and when we find them, we want them to stay. We value our professionals and show it by our comprehensive safety training and safety programs that have created one of the most secure work environments around. Knife River also offers an extensive list of benefits from medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance to perks like profit-sharing options, retirement plans, and continuing education. We invite you to become part of the life at Knife family.

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