Span Length

60′ 68′ 76′ 84′ 92′ 100′ 108′ Span Length Type II 60′ - 80′ Type III 70′ - 100′

Section Properties (gross)

Preliminary span lengths shown, contact Knife River for specific project details

Type Depth (in) Area (in2) Yb (in4) Ixx (in4) Iyy (in4) PLF @ 165
Type II 45" 559 20.3 125387 12216 642
Type III 54" 788 24.8 260403 24282 905

Product Information

Knife River precast can produce type II and III profile girders that are designed for use with a composite concrete field-cast deck.


Standard Design Options

  • Form Inserts
  • Utility Inserts
  • Sleeves or Inserts for CIP diaphragms

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