Span Length

50′ 56′ 62′ 68′ 74′ 80′ 86′ Span Length DT 24 50′ - 62′ DT 28 50′ - 66′ DT 32 50′ - 74′ DT 36 50′ - 76′

Product Information

Knife River produces Double Tee sections that range from 28″ to 36″ in depth with a 6′-0″ stem spacing typical.  Top flange width is 12′-0″ typical, but can be reduced down to 7-6″ depending on project requirements.

Standard Design Options

  • Double Tee end stems can be dapped (blockouts) at bearing locations reducing the beam/double tee framing depth.
  •  Double Tee flange depth is 2.5″ and will require a topping in most situations.
  • Double Tee stems can flanges can be used to hang utilities.
  • Stem blockouts can be inserted to run utility perpendicular to double tee stem
  • Optimize Gridline spacing 36′-0″ spacing

3D Viewer

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  • Move, Span, Zoom Assemblies
  • Isolate Single Components in View
  • Explode Assembly Single Components
  • Use Markup to Sketch Details
  • General Measurements for Concept
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