Form Finish



As cast form finish is one of the most difficult finishes to control consistent color. The final appearance is highly impacted by the natural colors of cement and environmental conditions at time of casting.  The pouring technique, temperature, form work materials and other atmospheric variables all will impact finish.

Finish Exposure

When form finish is specified, cement surface paste is not broken exposing the aggregates below.  If form finish is used on surfaces that are not covered by paint or any other surface treatment, large areas of form finish concrete can have a glassy finish.


Form finish is an excellent economical option when combined with a structural mix design and surfaces will either be covered with paint or appearance is not a concern.  Form finish is often used on structural high strength mix designs that allow for 24-hour pouring cycles.

Design Considerations:

Smooth as cast finish will have color variations and if specified where appearance is a concern, limiting large surfaces or breaking the areas with reveals/alternate finishes can help soften the impact of blemishes.  Smooth as cast finish can be an appealing option when mixed with other materials for a striking contrast.