Product Information

Precast spandrels can be designed to have gravity loads bearing on the columns or floor system.  Typical non-load bearing spandrels range from 6” to 8” thick while load bearing range from 8” to 11” thick and spans that range from 20’ to 60’.  Spandrel heights are controlled by the specific project requirements (Commonly 6’-0” to 8’-0” tall).


Standard Design Options

  • 36′ Length Typical for Parking Garage Double Tee Loading Bearing spandrels.
  • 60′-65′ Length Typical for Parking Garage Non-Load Bearing Spandrel.
  • Structural or Cladding options available
  • Vehicle impact load ratings
  • Total precast or hyrbid CIP options, Graphic Concrete allows for integrated “artwork” when required by local design criteria.




3D Viewer

3D Viewer Tools


  • 3D Viewer Functions:
  • Move, Span, Zoom Assemblies
  • Isolate Single Components in View
  • Explode Assembly Single Components
  • Use Markup to Sketch Details
  • General Measurements for Concept
  • Print Views

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