Colored Concrete



Typically, Knife River uses an integral liquid color pigment though other powder pigments are available.   Once the mix design has been approved through the sample process, the intended liquid color pigment is electronically injected into the concrete mix design during the batching process.  The amount of pigment is closely monitored to ensure consistent mix color.

Finish Exposure

There is 50+ base shades of pigment to choose from.  Increasing the amount of pigment will darken the shade of color.  All pigments, however, have a saturation point, beyond which additional pigment will not continue to significantly increase the color intensity.  Typically, pigments are 1% to 5% of the cement weight and are not to exceed 10% where increasing pigment will not change color and will reduce mix design strength.


Color pigments can be a cost-effective way to add character to mix designs that require lower cost structural aggregates when combined with textured finish.  The design options for architects are unlimited using color pigments combined with the right aggregates and finish.

Design Considerations:

When color is added to the mix design, surface texturing (sandblasting, acid etch for example) will need to be included as well.  Smooth finishes that are highly impacted by atmospheric conditions can have darkened areas (concrete mottling) that if left unblended by finishing will be a visible blemishes.