Precast Concrete

Product Types

  • Architectural Cladding
  • Arcis Exterior Facades
  • Arcis Rain Screen Facades
  • Arcis Marine Decking
  • Insulated/Solid Wall Panels
  • Stair Treads/Landings
  • Thin Brick
  • Sills, Caps, Spandrels, Lintels
  • Wainscot

Contact for Budgeting

Darren Canepa


[email protected]

Blake Johnson


[email protected]

Division Summary

Versatile. Durable. Appealing. Architectural concrete provides unique design flexibility for your project, including a dramatic range of colors and textures. Knife River offers a wide selection of products with high-end finishes, mix designs and textures.

We will push the envelope to minimize cost for our customers, maximize performance, and ensure safety and quality. Since 1973, our priority has been to provide top-quality architectural precast concrete products and support services.

Knife River also produces a wide variety of ARCIS products, ranging from stair treads to decking to rainscreen cladding. As one of only five licensed ARCIS producers in the nation – and with a dedicated ARCIS manufacturing facility – our team excels at crafting durable, lightweight panels to help beautify projects of any size.

ARCIS products allow the project to have the look and versatility of conventional precast concrete at a fraction of the weight. The patented ARCIS system uses stainless steel prestressing in lieu of conventional reinforcement. Panels can be as thin as 3/4”, depending on the application and loading.

Knife River is a PCI-certified producer and is an industry leader in architectural precast applications. Available finishes include form finish, acid washing, polishing, sandblasting, board form, form liners, thin brick and graphic concrete.