Product Types

  • Reinforcing: Sizes #3 to #18: Grades: 60, 80, 100- A615 & A706 MMFX, Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Couplers: Bar Splice products

Contact for Budgeting

Jay Patel


[email protected]

Division Summary

Knife River Prestress in Harrisburg, Oregon, has a full-service rebar fabricating facility for rebar projects of any size. We can fabricate many reinforcing shapes – from spirals and hoops to complex stirrups – for concrete members of any shape. From estimating and detailing to fabrication and delivery, Knife River will provide expert solutions and support for projects of any size.

Product lines:

Fabricated Stirrups (#3 through #6)

Bent Rebar (#3 through #18)

Sheared Straight Bar (#3 through #18)

Rebar Coupling and Anchorage

Knife River offers a specialized solution for rebar coupling and anchorage requirements with the Bar Splice system.