Precast Concrete

Product Types

  • Standard Oregon DOT Members: Slabs, Box Girders, Bulb-T Girders, Bulb I-Girders, Decked Bulb Tees, Tub Girders
  • Standard Washington DOT Members: Slabs and Wide Flange Girders
  • Miscellaneous Items: Precast Caps, Wing Walls, Deck Panels

Contact for Budgeting

Sam Jewell


[email protected]

Eric Holje

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Division Summary

Our Bridge Division provides a range of design, fabrication and delivery options for almost any precast/prestressed bridge superstructure project. We excel in supplying common ODOT and WSDOT bridge members, and we specialize in custom, non-standard solutions for those projects where an alternate to the off-the-shelf slab or girder is required.

Our staff of licensed engineers (Oregon, Washington, Alaska and California) can assist with preliminary bridge member selection or provide a complete, stamped superstructure design for almost any bridge project. Please contact our bridge estimator for more information.