Stafford headshot

John Stafford MBA CBS

Architectural Representative – Western

March 16th 11:00-12:00

AIA Credit – 1 Hour

In-Person (spaces limited!) 920 SW 6th Ave 13th Floor Portland OR 97204

Class Description

Please plan to attend an approved AIA presentation on embedded thin brick veneer for the building envelope design. (ETB001 1 LU | HSW)

This course is designed to provide you with a better understanding of embedded thin brick veneer in precast concrete panels and concrete tilt-up panels. Both construction processes are gaining popularity daily and, coupled with new technology, are being considered more and more by developers for all types of buildings.

As the prefabricated panels systems are designed and engineered, the precise nature is unique, and the products selected are precise as well. We should take note that once the concrete is poured, there is no turning back and mistakes can be very costly to the success of the project. The thin brick is the architectural feature of the panel and must be compatible with the process. This course will show the dos and don’ts of thin brick for embedded veneer.

Learning Objectives

  • Thin brick history and the manufacturing process
  • Specifications of thin brick used in precast and tilt-up panels
  • Embedded thin brick and the manufacturing process
  • Embedded Thin Brick compliance
  • Precast Case Study