About Us

About Knife River Prestress

Knife River Prestress is a national and regional award-winning leader in the precast/prestressed concrete industry. Since 1958 we have produced a wide range of precast/ prestressed concrete products and associated support services. Our well-equipped manufacturing facilities are located in Harrisburg, the central Willamette Valley of Oregon and Spokane Washington. From these locations we serve Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California.

Safety Culture

Rewarding Leadership in Safety

Safety recognition is an important part of a comprehensive safety program. Each quarter, Knife River honors team members who have demonstrated safety leadership and made a positive difference in their workplace. At the end of the year, we also acknowledge our divisions that have produced the best safety results.

Our Safety Commitment

People and Safety are two of our core values, and they go hand-in-hand. Knife River ensures each work site is safe for our employees, for other contractors and for the public. We must make certain that everyone who shows up on a project site goes home safely to their family and friends.

We stand behind that commitment with extensive training, comprehensive safety programs and an open door to always listen to any safety concerns. If safety procedures are not properly followed, we take strong action.

We ask our team members to be safety champions of their own jobs and to work as a team on every job site to watch out for all potential hazards. We work hard. We work safely. We are Knife River!

Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries

Knife River is an industry leader in safety. Our goal is to have zero accidents and zero injuries, and we are on our way. Our 2018 Recordable Incident Rate is 33% better than the industry average, and our Lost Time Accident Rate is 75% better than the industry.

Mission Statement

Knife River Corporation will be the supplier of choice in providing quality construction materials and services that benefit our customers and build strong communities.

Core Values

At Knife River, our success is built on four core values: PeopleSafetyQuality and our Environmental Commitment.

We are one of the largest construction materials and contracting companies in the United States, a status we could not have achieved without our dedicated customers and our 4,800 team members. People are critical to our success, whether it’s our employees, our customers, or the end users of our products and services.

That’s why commitment to our other values – safetyquality and environmental – is so important. We are driven to work safely, produce quality results and manage our impact on the environment because that is the best way to take care of our teams, our customers and our communities.

Behind every Knife River job stands a team committed to each other, committed to you and committed to our values.

With Integrity …

The first two words of the Knife River Corporation vision statement are “With integrity.” That is how we do business, and that is how we treat our customers and our employees.

Knife River is a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, Inc. Please click here to read our parent company’s commitment to integrity.